Our executive committee are JD students at Melbourne Law School


President: Stephen Watson

Vice-Presidents: Renzo Tweedie and Daniela Yaneva

Secretary: Paulina Kruminaite

Treasurer: Andrea Ko

Communications Coordinators: Ariz Yusaf Ansari and Jaspreet Kaur 

Social Media Managers: Rhiana Barrington and Kaki Mak 

Fundraising Managers: Tristram Feder and Stella Surya 

Research Manager: Hayden O’Halloran 

First Year Reps: Ananyaa Mahajan and Samantha Varghese


Lawyers Without Borders (LWOB) was founded in 2000, with the mission of advancing the rule of law and protecting the integrity of the judicial process. The goal of the Founder, Christina Storm, was to ‘start an organization to identify the array of legally oriented human rights needs and develop ways for lawyers around the world to meet and service those needs.’

She stated that her goal was ‘to approach the Rule of Law in a dynamic and innovative way while demanding observable and measurable impact. This model’s success was designed to depend on the involvement of lawyers from around the world dedicated to pro bono work and it was structured to ensure an unprecedented level of dependability and reliability.’

This is manifested in a commitment to creating access to justice for those who are marginalised. Efforts are frequently focussed on children, those who are victims of human trafficking, threatened wildlife, and other humanitarian causes.

More specifically, Student Divisions of LWOB have a two-fold mission: 1) striving to foster a deep culture of pro bono amongst students before they enter the profession, and 2) providing opportunities for students to engage in Rule of Law oriented activities.


Pro Bono Culture


Rule of Law